On the Clock
  • I am the Arsenal Manager here at Go Media, in charge of curating the design resources you see on our site.
  • I serve as the Event Director for Weapons of Mass Creation Fest. See you this summer?
  • I also serve as our Community Manager. If you’re active on our social media pages, you’re connecting with me! If you’re not yet, please start! You can find us on Facebook, Pinterest, InstagramGoogle +, and Twitter.
  • I write for and serve as the Editor of our blog, the ‘Zine.
Off the Clock
  • I am one half of Sakeachi Productions. Sakeachi Productions is the brain-child of my partner-in-crime (Bill Beachy) and I and affords us the opportunity to create and live out our dreams. Stay tuned for our next epic production!
  • Pretty much the best day of my life was when I was an extra in this video. Spot me and I’ll give you 100 bucks.
  • I am probably drinking coffee, snapping photos and dreaming of my next trip to Hong Kong.