Design with Passion.

Jeff Finley VP, Art Director

On the Clock
  • I’m one of three partners here at Go Media and founder of Weapons of Mass Creation Fest.
  • I oversee the majority of Go Media’s sub-brands and products like Arsenal, GoMediaZine, Mockup Everything, etc.
  • I’m the social media guru here at Go Media. I live on the web and love connecting with fans, clients, and peers.
  • I wrote the book Thread’s Not Dead: The Designer’s Guide to the Apparel Industry.
 Off the Clock
  • I’m an aspiring b-boy (break dancer) training under Cleveland hip hop legend Swift Ali.
  • I’m a drummer and musician. I used to play in Parachute Journalists and occasionally produce my own music under the alias BOXOMYLK.
  • I grew up on punk rock and like mine served with a splash of folk, pop, and beards.
  • My wife and I are obsessed with documentaries and real-crime shows. I’m a mumblecore connoisseur.
  • I don’t smoke, drink, or do drugs. I’m a sucker for coffee though. Peanut butter Mochas from Gypsy are amazing.


Latest Tweets by Jeff
jeff_finley: One of my life goals has been to make a pop punk record I'm really proud of. This is our first song
10 months ago
jeff_finley: @mkleyne hey maarten, we just released our first single today, you would be the first person I told!
10 months ago