June 2010

  • Inspiration Sea

    Inspiration Sea is a worldwide community spreading inspiration through art. It allows designers of all kinds (graphic designers, illustrators, web designers, photographers, etc.) to showcase their best work. Users can... Read More →
  • Arsenal: Pullover Hoodie Templates!

    Hi again everybody, it's Adam from Go Media. If I had a feather for every phone call, email, and comment from designers requesting pullover hoodie templates, I could build the... Read More →
  • Layer Lifter for InDesign

    Layer Lifter is a simple, free Adobe InDesign plug-in from Rorohiko that offers an alternative method to using the layers palette for moving objects between layers. Using it couldn't simpler:... Read More →
  • Blank Canvas: Design Contests

    There seems to be quite a growing number of websites such as 99 Designs offering design services by way of "contests", where the client will submit specs for the project,... Read More →
  • Telling A Client “No”

    You're the expert, right? You've spent four years in design school and have a few years of real-world experience, right? You obviously know all there is to know about design... Read More →
  • The Brads: Just Google It

    "The Brads" is a webcomic by Brad Colbow for designers, web developers and techies. See more here.
  • Kaleidoscope: Text & Image Comparison Utility

    Kaleidoscope for Mac is an interesting new file comparison utility. It looks to be a great tool for both web developers as well as designers, and as far as I... Read More →
  • Adobe Digital Publishing Platform

    Today Adobe announced their Digital Publishing Platform, which in their own words is "a platform which consists of applications, technologies, and services that allow publishers to cost effectively author, produce, and... Read More →