Author Jeff Finley

  • Meet the Staff: Jeff Finley

    Hi there, I'm Jeff, the main author of the Go Mediazine and one of the 3 owners of Go Media. I joined Go Media full time in January 2006, but... Read More →
  • Go Media taking a Holiday Break

    Go Media is going to be taking a break during the Christmas holiday. I apologize for the lack of content being posted on this site, but like I said, one... Read More →
  • Tutorial: Extreme Sports Branding

    In issue #142 of Computer Arts Magazine (should be in stores now) you can find Oliver's tutorial on how to design a logo and print ad for a fictional extreme... Read More →
  • Atticus Designs by Go Media for sale

    Just noticed this, Atticus is selling two designs we did for them in the summer of 2006. Which is a long time ago it feels like. I knew they bought... Read More →
  • Make it Look Like Affliction

    As graphic designers for the apparel industry, we've heard the phrase "Make it Look Like Affliction" so many times. It's a strange coincidence. You have a dozen apparel companies and... Read More →
  • Slammed: Some Updates!

    Hey guys and gals, we've been slammed here at work. For those that don't know, Go Media's primary responsibility is to service customers with our designs. We are currently overworked... Read More →
  • Hiring Again!

    We're hiring again folks. We need another graphic/web designer in house in Cleveland. If interested read on: Go Media Inc. is a US based design firm who prides itself in... Read More →
  • User Showcase Highlight: Round 8

    As of this writing our Go Media User Showcase has 345 entries and 207 members. Here are a couple pieces that I thought put some of the items in Go... Read More →
  • Meet and Greet at Go Media

    People often wonder who is writing these blog entries and who is making all this cool art. Well, we've decided to do a little meet and greet - virtually. Our... Read More →
  • Prom Night

    This is a new shirt design that I did for some merch for a fairly popular screamy post-hardcore band. It was accepted and the design might actually see the cotton... Read More →
  • The Most Amazing Poster Ever

    This is the poster I was talking about in the post below. Just sit back and admire the beauty.
  • Rebuild

    Some random artwork I created for a poster that we never finished. It was the worst looking poster you can imagine! Just thought I'd post this. Edit: This artwork is... Read More →