Author Heather Mariano

  • A Bittersweet Goodbye

    To everything there is a season... (Turn! Turn! Turn! by Pete Seeger, and from Ecclesiastes 3) It has been an incredible season for me at Go Media. When I started... Read More →
  • DSLR Love: Improve Your Photo Mojo (Part Two)

    ISO ISO is one aspect of photography that is not exactly the same in the film and digital realms, but they are related. In film, ISO referred to the films... Read More →
  • DSLR Love: Improve Your Photo Mojo (Part One)

    A little bit of background If you're into design, you may have an interest in photography at least on a basic level or if you're like me, you love photography... Read More →
  • Disciple Clothing interview

    Jeff spoke to one of our clients, Lauren at Disciple Clothing, and asked some questions about her experience running an apparel company. Here are her responses, enjoy! Can you tell... Read More →
  • Textile Republic interview

    We recently had a chance to talk with one of our clients, Textile Republic, about their business and their experience with web design. We thought you might like to read... Read More →
  • Heather Tropp is better than Liz Hunt

    Well, it’s been almost four months since my first day here at Go Media. I entered my position as the Sales and Project Manager after making my way through a... Read More →