Plug-Ins & Actions

  • Photoshop Action: Stamp/Print Effect

    Works great on any single color logo, emblem, mark, seal, crest. Because of the great response to my Aged Type action, I took it a bit further and made a... Read More →
  • Scriptographer

    Scriptographer is a pretty amazing plugin available for Adobe Illustrator. It basically frees the user (at least those familiar with JavaScript) from relying on a third-party developer to create the... Read More →
  • Ai to Canvas HTML5 Plug-in

    Hot on the heels of the Adobe HTML5 Pack, here's a handy new Adobe Illustrator plug-in from Microsoft's MIX Online web developer resource site that will export vector and bitmap... Read More →
  • FoldRite Template Master plugin for Adobe InDesign

    The FoldRite Template Master plugin for Adobe InDesign by Fold Factory is an interesting niche tool for working with folded paper. Paper is dimensional, and if it is to fold into... Read More →
  • Layer Lifter for InDesign

    Layer Lifter is a simple, free Adobe InDesign plug-in from Rorohiko that offers an alternative method to using the layers palette for moving objects between layers. Using it couldn't simpler:... Read More →