Graphic Design

  • Adobe Illustrator CS5 HTML5 Pack

    Adobe recently announced the release of their HTML5 Pack for Adobe Illustrator CS5. It's totally free for Illustrator CS5 users. Here's a quick rundown from their site: Efficiently design for... Read More →
  • Interns Inc., Vol. 3

    Internships are an awesome way to gain experience and to learn about being a designer in the real world. Most are mainly summer internships, but there are definitely internships that... Read More →
  • Interns Inc., Vol. 2

    Hey everyone!   My name's Max and I'm one of Go Media's interns for this summer.  I've been here since early July but this is my first post for our... Read More →
  • Interns Inc.

    Hi Everyone! I’ve been at GoMedia for a couple of weeks and I figured it was high time I introduced myself. I’m Joanne, one of GoMedia’s interns for this summer.... Read More →
  • State of the Union: Grunge Design

    Grunge design was getting popular when I got started in 2004. I was inspired by the artwork and branding behind the underground punk, metal, and hardcore music I listened to.... Read More →
  • Telling A Client “No”

    You're the expert, right? You've spent four years in design school and have a few years of real-world experience, right? You obviously know all there is to know about design... Read More →
  • Adobe Digital Publishing Platform

    Today Adobe announced their Digital Publishing Platform, which in their own words is "a platform which consists of applications, technologies, and services that allow publishers to cost effectively author, produce, and... Read More →
  • Blank Canvas: Flash vs. HTML5

    Recently we published a post regarding Apple's stance on Flash and their iDevices. The gist of the situation is that Apple has decided they don't want to be reliant on... Read More →
  • Solo To Studio

    What does it take to go from freelancing to building a design firm like Go Media? Do You Really Want to be a Studio? Before you embark on your journey... Read More →
  • Flash, Floppy Disks & FreeHand

    Apple's Steve Jobs just posted a long open letter on the reasoning behind the decision to exclude Flash support on mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.... Read More →
  • Anatomy of a Band T-Shirt

    The "band t-shirt" project can be quite enticing for designers and illustrators. Want to know what goes on behind the artwork? Jeff Finley of Go Media shares his personal experiences... Read More →