Freebie: Abstract blobs & bursts

Turquoise Flag-Tip

Everyone loves free vector art. Here’s a fun vector freebie: Abstract blobs & bursts! Inside you’ll find ten multi-colored blobby shapes and a couple of bonus composites.

I hope you enjoy these free vectors – Read on to find out how to easily make some of your own!

First: Make a few circles with complementary colors. Now, set the blending mode to multiply and turn the opacity down to about 60%. The more circles you have to begin with, the darker and more intense the final product will be.

Second:So I wanted a darker final blob, so I copied and rotated the first group of circles.

Third: Take warp tool at about 50% strength and make a few sweeping passes through your circles. You should end up with something like this.

Fourth: Use the smoothing tool (found under the flyout in the pencil tool) to clean up some rough curves. Go back to the warp tool to add a little more character to the blob until you’re satisfied!

See, I had trouble making four steps out of that! Once you’ve mastered that process, don’t be afraid to use the wrinkle, pinch and bloat varieties of the warp tool. Have fun!

About the Author, Adam Wagner

I'm a marketer, designer, armchair singer/songwriter, wannabe theoretical physicist/philosopher and recent college grad trying to pack as much living as possible into each day. Working at Go Media makes this pretty easy. Catch me on Twitter!!

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