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The weather is awesome here in Indiana, but that’s not what I want to talk about today

Hello there!

It looks like the day will be bright and clear here in Northern Indiana. But I’m not here to write about the weather.

Vector pack 20 is out!

Go Media released its 20th vector pack a little while ago. We even published a case study by Philip Hepler of 316 Graphics about how he created the Hot Rod elements that are included in the set.

But we realized we forgot to do something: release a sampler of the pack. I mean, how can you get an idea of what’s in the box without it?

What’s inside the complete set

The complete set includes 136 high quality and detailed vector pieces. The packs composing the set are Hot Rod Monsters, Guilloche, Victorian Ornaments, Outer Space, Wood Grain, Candy Skulls, and Grunge Borders. Down below are previews:

Go Media - Vector set 20 - Hot rod elements

Go Media - Vector set 20 - Guilloche

Go Media - Vector set 20 - Victorian ornaments

Go Media - Vector set 20 - Outerspace

Go Media - Vector set 20 - Wood grain

Go Media - Vector set 20 - Sugar skulls

Go Media - Vector set 20 - Grunge borders

The sampler

In order to let you guys play a bit with elements from the complete set, Adam put a sampler together for me to share with you today. It features one element of each of the packs that are part of the set.

You can use these in all projects, personal and commercial. However, don’t sell them claiming you created them, or else. Remember the guys in black costume with the big dogs.

After that fair warning: here’s the content of the sampler:

Go Media - Vector set 20 sampler - Preview

We can’t wait to see what you guys do with these. Don’t hesitate to share your creations in the Flickr pool (tag them something like “Go Media Arsenal vector pack 20 sampler” maybe?). I think we could share the best ones here. The big ol’ download button is down below.

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