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What should Go Media do?

I found a cool site called shoulddothis.com. The site allows people to make suggestions to their favorite companies (or companies they hate as well). The premise is simple, you type in a company/person and what they should or should not do. You can even discuss with other users and vote on how likely it is for that to happen. The goal is that those companies will read those suggestions and make improvements to their products or service.

So naturally, I want to hear what you have to say about Go Media. What should Go Media do (or should not do)? To let us know, simply go to Go Media’s page on shoulddothis.com and use the form at the top to add some more suggestions. We always want to hear suggestions from our readers and customers and this is the perfect way to do it.

I already suggested that we should release a new texture pack (which we are working on). So if you agree, you can click on that suggestion and mark that you feel we should do it too.

Give us some suggestions:

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