Behind the Scenes – part one

Kim Finley
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Hello everyone, my name is Kim and I am the office manager here at Go Media. This is my first blog entry. I am going to post every now and then to show you all some random pictures from the office. This will give everyone a glimpse at our daily life here at Go Media.

This first picture is of our favorite cat, Tekno. (yes that’s how his name is spelled!) Here he is on my desk.


Aww isn’t he cute!? The best part of my day is whenever Tekno decides to run across my desk. Sometimes he lays down and stays a while and other times he tries to eat my food. Gotta love him! Last week we all got a kick out of him going crazy over some catnip. Tekno is now in rehab and we miss him dearly. =)

Hope you liked the picture! I’ll post more soon.

About the Author, Kim Finley

Kim Finley

I am Go Media's office manager/bookkeeper. Go Media is a Cleveland website design and development firm specializing in custom Wordpress websites, creative visual communications and resources for the graphic design community. My responsibilities here include Arsenal customer service, bookkeeping, payroll, proofreading and more.

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