Introducing the Dirty Beats T-Shirt Design Pack

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Design a Killer Rock and Roll Tee

Our buddy Steve Knerem is back!

We’re proud to introduce his Dirty Beats T-Shirt Design Pack. Steve’s pack offers you a killer and quick way to create a rock and roll tee.

You’re $17 away from the tee of your dreams.


Download the pack, use as is, or work a little of your own magic. The Dirty Beats T-Shirt Design Pack includes 15 vector illustrations, including rock and roll influenced designs, ribbons, badges and bursts.

You’ll also grab a tri-blend t-shirt mockup PSD for use in Photoshop and the original vector design completed as you see it here. As a bonus, we throw in a free chapter of our popular ebook Thread’s Not Dead: The Designer’s Guide to the Apparel Industry.

Check it:

awakened-feature-image_includes rocktee-vectors

While you’re at it, grab Jeff Finley’s Awakened T-Shirt Design Pack. It is beyond amazing.

So good!

So good!

Until we meet again!

- Heather, here at the Arsenal


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