Aesthetic Arsenal Recap

Turquoise Flag-Tip

So this past Friday, 1300 Gallery hosted our Aesthetic Arsenal art show in beautiful Cleveland, Ohio. Alongside Go Media, we had two guest artists show their work — Bob Peck and Jesse Strother. Bob’s style is a blend of abstract art and urban expressionism, and Jesse specializes in classic tattoo art done in watercolor. Both complimented the range of current styles that are key to what’s hot in design today.

With great artists and a good turn out, it was a success (even though the weather was less than kind). Our showcase was a sort of chronological history of Go Media. It started off with a few introductory pieces – the flier for the show and the inked illustration created by William Beachy. It moved on to a general overview of the current work we provide our clients and covered everything from Go Media’s roots in the club/party scene to the present day role as a major entertainment industry design supplier.

We’d like to thank everyone who came out to the show and supported, our show mates Bob and Jesse, 1300 Gallery, Jakprints, fellow artists, and anyone else we may have forgotten. The next show will be a bigger and badder monster… so be on the lookout.

About the Author, Dave

Dave is Go Media's hell raising wild child. Illustration and petrified whale bone are the two things this guy lives for... next to barbacoa tacos and fried plantains. When he's not gently tapping and stroking the surface of his wacom with his stylus... he's relaxing to some contemporary jazz. More than likely illustrating some vomiting skulls in fitted caps, half-naked zombie women with dookie rope chains, or demon toddlers chugging tequila on their big wheels.

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