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Go Media is featured in the latest issue of Kudos Magazine! Kudos is a new start. It is a fresh outlook on some of lifes best avenues of enjoyment, entertainment, expression and creativity. Kudos is a mix of multimedia website, community and evolutionary digital glossy colour magazine -available to download for free anytime, anywhere in the world.

Kudos never wanted to do the same old thing, in the same old format. Because they believe that no matter how much re-hashing you do there is no escaping the repetitiveness of this world, be it reality or digitally. Go Media was a splash of originality that fit well with the magazine. Kudos invites you to enjoy both the website with it’s competitions, features, featured audio and video and forums, whilst downloading the Bi-monthly digital magazine that will be packed with features (like the company profile of Go Media), interviews, reviews, music, movies, photography, clothing, art, design and products. All presented beautifully on your computer screen in full digital colour.

Expect the unexpected, expect boundaries to be pushed and above all expect something different with every single issue asthey explore the world we live in, the way we enjoy life and the products and tools we use to do this.

Also – Please interact with them as much as you can by way of the contact page on their official website and via myspace as this will only enrich Kudos. Please spread the word if you enjoy what they do so that others may be made aware of Kudos.
We also look forward to your comments and feedback on our article. Download Issue 4 now on “news stands” at:


About the Author, William Beachy

I grew up in Cleveland Hts. Ohio and was drawing constantly. As a child I took art classes at the Cleveland Institute of Art and eventually became known as the "class artist." I graduated from The Ohio State University's department of Industrial Design. I have always tried to blend my passion for illustration with Graphic Design. Go Media was the culmination of my interests for both business and art. I'm trying to build a company that is equally considerate of our designers AND our clients.

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