Grab your Mustache Wax: Go Media Launches Ditka Dash!

Heather Sakai
Turquoise Flag-Tip

Ditka Dash, now live!

Go Media was honored to work on the site design for the upcoming Ditka Dash, a 5K with character.

For Go Media Project Manager Sarah Traxler and design team Aaron Roberts and Chris Comella, mustaches, hot dogs and confetti were all in a day’s work.

Sarah remarks, “When developing an identity or website for a company, there are inherent restrictions and guidelines that must be followed. Ditka Dash was an incredibly fun project to work on given the amount of creative freedom the team had.  Designing an identity for a fun run was a totally new and exciting challenge. The team really got to step outside of the box and explore some very interesting creative directions. We’re so jazzed about the event that a few of us are scheming a trip up to Soldier Field to experience the Ditka Dash first hand!”

Are you with us or what?


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Wanna get to Ditka Dashing?  Register here!

Ditka Dash on Facebook | Twitter

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Heather Sakai

Heather Sakai is the Community Manager here at Go Media as well as the Chief Life Changer at Weapons of Mass Creation Fest. She helps designers prevent design disaster over at, where she serves as the Product Manager. Heather is also on the team at Go Media's Arsenal, home of the world's best mockup templates, vectors, textures and other must-have design weaponry. She's proud to work for the most passionate creative agency in the universe, the best in Cleveland Web Design, custom branding and print.

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