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Greetings all,
Like many designers, I’m someone who’s always been interested in typography. I’m always trying to learn more about it and get better at using it. One activity that I’ve been spending a lot of time with is making my own fonts. I usually get the idea to make a font from working on a custom type treatment for a client. I’ll see the characters and think “Hey that might make a pretty dope font.”

nothing ringing true

The latest monstronsity to come out of my Fontlab is Blockhead. Blockhead came from a rejected concept for a clothing company. Each character began as a rectangle. Then, I subtracted tiny pieces from the rectangle to create each character. To save from getting a mountain of comments that say Blockhead is hard to read, it’s not supposed to be easy to read. It’s meant to be an experimental way of turning type into a rigid, geometric design element. I particularly like the grid that it creates when lines of text are stacked on top of each other. Don’t be a square, head over to the Arsenal and give it a shot yourself.

blockhead 2

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