What’s Go Media Been Up To? December/January 2014

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Hello from your friends at Go Media!

Hello Go Media faithful! Happy New Year 2014 from the crew.  We’ve been busy wrapping up another successful year of passionate projects, inspiring events, lots of hard work and incredible amounts of fun tossed in for good measure.


4507 Lorain Avenue is shaping up nicely!

On the not-so-distant horizon?

  • The release of Arsenal V3
  • The completion of our storefront renovation (Window designs by the talented Carly Utegg will be going up soon!)
  • WMC Fest speaker, band and artist line-up announcements
  • More Mockup Everything templates

What The Team Has Been Up To:

 Aaron Roberts

  • A new website design for Synergy Health & Wellness and branding for Threads for Us

 Bryan Garvin

  • Launched Green Beer 5K , a static site built on Foundation 4, and Excellence in Manufacturing, a custom WordPress theme including a plugin for a custom post type for their events.
  • Getting my hands dirty making WordPress template pages with custom admin meta boxes. Really excited with the progress.

Excellence in Manufacturing

Green Beer 5K

Green Beer 5K

 Carly Utegg

  •  Website design for Center for Art’s Inspired Learning and Synergy Physical Therapy
  • Identity for Live on a Limb and Threads for US
  • Window Graphics for Go Media’s Building
  • Custom Mockup Templates

 Heather Sakai

Have you had a chance to look at Our Top Posts of 2013?

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 Jeff Finley

  • Illustrations for BLK SHP (a clothing line)
  • Worked on importing products and uploading images for Arsenal 3.0
  • Illustrations for COSE‘s new branding
  • A flyer for CityBreak‘s Studio
  • WMC Fest budget and planning meeting

 Kim Finley

  • Lots of Arsenal customer service
  • Lots of merch order fulfillment due to our Drawn to Business and WMC merch sales
  • Mailing out Go Guides to prospective clients
  • Wrapping up 2013 bookkeeping work

 Lauren Prebel

  • Enjoying the holidays with friends and family! And the GO Media Christmas party was a great time spending the day celebrating with co-workers!
  • Chasing leads from our call center campaign with Quez Media
  • Putting together client proposals and following up on outstanding ones
  • Beginning to work on the Go Media Marketing Strategy
  • Prepping for the Year in Review meeting
  • Enjoyed the On the Map Event!

 Sarah Traxler

  •  Reviewing and analyzing 2013 metrics
  • Planning and preparation for our upcoming 2013 Year in Review meeting
  • New project kickoffs for Synergy Physical Therapy, AGCO, Schwank Group, and Cerulean Sports Group
  • Go Media holiday party!
  • Website launches for OH!Manufacturing & Green Beer 5k
  • Celebrating the grand opening of Cantine’s spectacular restaurant
  • Ongoing support for a variety of client and internal projects

 Simon Birky Hartmann

  • Arsenal V3: The Arsenal v3 has been at the center of my preoccupations for the past couple of months. We put so many hours into this in order to make it a platform we can use, abuse, and support for the long term. We actually coined down a launch date. And ready or not, by golly, this thing is going to go live.
  • Holiday Party: I’ve won a fantastic set of duck-themed foot products and slippers!
  • Launched: the brand guidelines template: Working with Chris on an idea by our commander-in-chief Bill, we launched our brand guidelines template. It’s a fantastic tool for designers to quickly prepare brand guidelines for their branding or logo projects, and deliver more value to their customers. It should also hopefully stop your clients from switching that carefully hand-picked typeface to Comic Sans. Hopefully.
gma-brand-guidelines-template-gmz-header-rev-01 (1)
  • Dissecting the 2013 numbers: My last weeks in particular have mostly been spent analyzing lots of data (sales, traffic, convertion rates, and more), in order to plan for this new year. Incidentally, I’m hating Google Spreadsheet and its formulas. Darn its usefulness, because that stuff is evil.
  • Product brainstorming: We’ve got cool things in the pipes. Obviously. While the product release rhythm might slow down in 2014, we’ll release things that should answer some of the most repeated requests we’ve been having in recent years. Hang tight!
  • I’ve also taken a new year’s resolution that I’ve haven’t held so far, but I have a solid (and frozen) excuse: it’s hard to run in the snow. I might have to resort to use the office’s treadmill. My wife and I rewatched all the Sherlock episodes, as season three is finally upon us! I haven’t been excited like that for a TV show in a very long time. We’re rewatching all the Star Wars movies too, but that’s for no reason at all. Have a good 2014! It’s going to be a good year.

Bill William Beachy

  • Website launches for OH!Manufacturing & Green Beer 5k
  • Leading the Go crew in our new year’s resolutions: 100 push-ups and 100 seconds of planks per day!



That’s it for now from us at Go Media. Until we meet again, grab Bill’s Book, Drawn to Business, a nuts and bolts strategy guide to building a thriving design firm!

Source photo for the header by Erik Drost, used by permission under the CC by 2.0 license

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