• From Sketch to Vector Illustration

    Hey everyone! Welcome back to the GoMediaZine. There has been such a wonderful response on my vector art tutorial “Beautiful Vector Illustration” that I thought I better write another one.... Read More →
  • Beautiful Vector Illustration

    One thing we do regularly at Go Media is create beautiful vector people. Having illustrated hundreds of these, I have worked out a few tips that I would like to... Read More →
  • Comic Book Style Graphic Design

    We have often been asked the process by which we create our illustrated flyers and posters. I will try to give you a clear tutorial on how we create our... Read More →
  • Designing Ultra SceneXCore Apparel!

    Introduction This is a tutorial or a simple "how-to" guide to help you with your design projects. This is not the end-all, be-all way of doing things. We will try... Read More →
  • Brief tutorial on apparel design

    This is reposted from my previous blog entry at (which I never update much). I figured it'd be a good way to get the ball rolling here. This tutorial... Read More →