• I’m Finally Twittering

    I kept going back and forth about the whole twitter thing and I think I can actually stick to it and tweet daily. If you want to be a voyeur... Read More →
  • Dave portfolio update

    Dave, one of the designers at Go Media, updated his personal portfolio. It looks really really good, go check it out:
  • Meet the Staff: Adam Law

    So, I guess I’m one of the new guys here at Go Media... Considering I just started in January. I hail from the Big Ten’s greatest school, The University of... Read More →
  • Meet The Staff: Tim Boesel

    I have been working for Go Media for only a few months now. I was amazed to find out that these guys are located in good-old Cleveland, Ohio. From the... Read More →
  • Meet the Staff: Chris Comella

    Hi friends. My name is Christopher Michael Giuseppe Comella (chris) and it's been 2 days since my last drink.....I mean... I'm Chris and I work at Go Media. I'm a... Read More →
  • Meet The Staff: Bill Beachy

    For those of you that ask: "How did Go Media get started?" Well, here is the story. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll think I'm crazy! You'll also see some cool... Read More →
  • Meet the Go Media Staff: Katie Major

    We recently hired two young and talented graphic designers to our staff. Katie Major is one of them and she wrote up a short little bio for you. I joined... Read More →
  • 2007 Top Lists

    A few of us at the office came up with some "top lists" for 2007. Read and enjoy and let us know what some of your top picks for 2007... Read More →
  • New Year’s Resolutions

    We decided to come up with some resolutions for 2008. These are just some goals or aspirations that we wish to achieve in the new year. We hope we can... Read More →
  • Meet the Staff: Jeff Finley

    Hi there, I'm Jeff, the main author of the Go Mediazine and one of the 3 owners of Go Media. I joined Go Media full time in January 2006, but... Read More →
  • Meet and Greet at Go Media

    People often wonder who is writing these blog entries and who is making all this cool art. Well, we've decided to do a little meet and greet - virtually. Our... Read More →
  • Behind the Scenes – part two

    Here's a look at all of our boxes and tubes filled with posters! Today I was busy packing posters and getting them ready to ship out! I still have many... Read More →