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  • Step by Step: Using the Vector Packs

    Step by Step: How to Use Vector Packs We get quite a few people calling every day with trouble opening or using our Vector Packs. I decided to write a... Read More →
  • Vector Pack 7

    We are proud to announce the release of Vector Pack 7 today! We've spent the past month coming up with what we feel is not only our biggest set yet,... Read More →
  • Vector Pack 6 Released Today!

    Today is a big day! (Aside from being my 25th birthday...) We just released Vector Pack 6. It's a monster of a set, with 204 total pieces including Heraldry, Anatomy,... Read More →
  • Gigposter Design: The New Sex

    Tutorial Introduction: A lot of people are making them. A lot of people suck. We don't suck, and neither do you. This tutorial requires NO drawing talent... so don't trip... Read More →
  • Go Media’s Arsenal of Design Weaponry

    We just launched Go Media's Arsenal: Professional Design Weaponry. Everyone knows about our vector packs, but now we're selling textures and fonts. In addition to that, we are also selling... Read More →
  • Winners of the Wallpaper Contest

    We had a great turnout for the Wallpaper for Vector Packs contest, with over 160 entries from all over the globe in a wide variety of styles. After a little... Read More →
  • Contest: Wallpaper for Vector Packs

    The folks at Motionographer and I came up with an idea for a simple contest: Make a 1280×1024 wallpaper (.jpg or .gif) using at least one element from this sampling... Read More →
  • Vector Pack set 4 released today!

    After many sleepless nights, we've finally released our 4th set of our Vector Packs. We think you'll love them. In the set you get: Currency Flourishes Shattered Glass Urban Elements... Read More →
  • Vector Pack Set 3 Released!

    We spent the past month developing our biggest Vector Pack set yet! In this set we've got a good mix of centerpiece art such as ancient statues and animal skulls.... Read More →
  • Vector Packs Set 3 underway

    We are currently building Vector Pack set 3. It will feature a bunch of new stuff and we'll release it within the next week or two! Here's a little preview:
  • Vector Packs Set 2 Released!

    Due to the overwhelming response we've had on our first series of vector packs, we got to work and developed our second set of kick-ass stock vector art. The... Read More →